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Knowledge, Science, God

Once I was on a plane, and I was scared we were going down! My fear was so early in the flightand unfounded. We were actually midway in the flight and at peak altitude. The atmosphere was very clear! So what happened to me? I remembered Newton’s equations of motion, and I put velocity in the place of acceleration, and the plane went down in my mind!
The plane stopped accelerating, and Physics says that happens at constant velocity. But I thought the plane dropped velocity to zero! And some other equations came to mind that told me that its only velocity that can keep an object in the air! Wow! It was a big headache! I did not mean to do the analysis but my brain just wouldn’t stop! Right beside me was a man who earlier recounted how he was attacked by robbers on the way to the airport. He was visibly shaken, but he couldn’t feel anything of all I was feeling on that flight. In my mind, I wondered what his profession could be!!
A friend told me of his trip to Israel. He got to the Dead Sea, and he remembered that it is a very salty lake! By calculations of physics, density increases as the water gets saturated and/or filled with solutes and particulates. So my friend who doesn’t swim lay on the water, and he floated! For once I began to wonder whether that was the concept Jesus used to walk on water! But first, Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee which is of a different composition, for obvious reasons. Second, no one floats on water standing, not even on the Dead Sea. Third, Peter walked, and sank! Necessary control experiment!
My friend obviously enjoyed his escapade on the Dead Sea and he thought to turn over. The surface area of his body in contact with the water diminished, his density hence increased relative to the weight of his body, and like Peter’s faith, he began to sink. He had to be rescued!
I got into a swimming pool one day, the first time. As I began to go into the water, I felt the force of hydrostatic pressure from my lower limbs pushing up, through my abdomen, and then my pulmonary. I stopped short! A guy asked what the problem was! I said, “the pressure under the water is so great, for obvious reasons!” It was as though my torso would be emptied through my mouth. My mind went to the 11 km deep Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean where no man has ever been because of the great pressure! I remembered the need for ROVs (Remote Operating Vessels) in deep sea oil exploration because ordinarily, man cannot survive the pressure at the bottom of the deep sea!
I probably would have left the water that day if not for a young lady who came into the pool after me. She is a student in the Arts! She got in and dipped herself. Then she started talking to the same guy with me to teach her to swim! “Chei! See what physics has done to me again!” I finally got into the water.
One day with some friends, we got into an argument about the age of the earth. Seeing the direction of the gist, I started laughing in advance! According to the Bible, and maybe the Quran,  the age of the present earth is about 6,000 years. But one of my friends took us back to the Big Bang Theory and another person started laughing! New School Chemisty by O. Ababio put the age of the earth at about 4×10^50 years, if I can remember well. The conclusion that day was that no one can tell when the big bang took place. Convenient!
But then no bang, big or small, has ever created anything before! Faith in the Big Bang of science feels so unscientific!
The great scientists that we remember happily today were those who used their knowledge to help mankind and not to confuse! The likes of Archimedes (density and upthrust), of Newton (motion and gravitation), of Bell (telephone), of Edison (light bulb, etc), of Fleming (Penicillin), and of Einstein (E=mc^2)! The theory of Evolution, and the Big Bang theory appear to be unscientific adoptions of science!
For once, let’s explore and enjoy the revelations of science about the Supremacy of the Supreme! How come water is the only liquid the expands anomalously? Is it not because the Someone designed it so, so that His fishes could survive in water during winter? How come there is a layer of ozone, when ozone itself is an unstable oxygen compound on the earth! How come of all the planets, the earth is only conducive place for life? Do you know that principles of hydrology say that Noah’s flood must happen again? But the Word of God says it will not, hence it cannot! How come it is only after rains that rainbows show? How come the bible is the earliest record of the circular nature of the earth? And it was a statement of prophecy by Isaiah, not a discovery by an explorer / traveler like Paul!
We need to let our knowledge turn our attention to God.

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  1. Fantastic piece. I have to admit that I didn’t check the validity of any of the science-y bits but for me the final statement is profound!!! Scientific discovery can ONLY lead us to the one who made it all in the first place.
    Well done!!

  2. Could stop myself from laughing. If one is not careful, “book” will turn him or her to a lunatic. 🙂 I remember getting into similar conversations with some of colleagues, some years back and someone said, “scientists who study really hard, get to a point of explaining everything in life with theories and doubt if there is a God, but scientists who study science so hard and long, to the point of knowing it all,;always come to a conclusion that all these can only be because there is a God.

  3. You have succeeded in establishing that only God creates while Science discovers and when combined with the knowledge of other aspects of God’s creation, man invents or develops things that eventually enable man to enjoy some of the hidden treasures in God’s creation. The creative work of God, can in no way be performed by man, no matter how richly endowed with such innate abilities as given only by the Almighty God. God’s place cannot be taken by man.

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