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It’s a new year again.
At the beginning of each year, many of us set out to achieve some goals: several goals. From another point, having seen many years and set many goals, some of us have set goals repeatedly and repeatedly, have seen them not come to pass.
A mentor helped us to classify our goals into about 7 categories:
– Physical/health goals,
– Financial goals,
– Career goals,
– Intellectual goals,
– Family goals,
– Charity goals,
– Spiritual goals.
It makes it quite simple.
However, while we set routine growth goals, we should also give attention to 1 or 2 “Project” goals which may be like everything to us: a few unique goals.
For example, if you’d set out to become the President of your country this year, that’s a project kind of goal. You probably will not set out to become the President of your country and become the CEO of your organisation in the same year!
However, in the year you plan to become the President, you will still hope to be a better parent and a better spouse! In that same year, if the roof of your house is leaking, you will still plan to fix it. If your house is invaded by mice, you will still fumigate the house.
The point:
In this year 2018, apart from the regular goals that we have been achieving and growing in year after year, let’s dig deep to find the 1 or 2 Key Performances Indicators which if we could only achieve, we would declare the year a success!

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  1. Very true. There is need for focused and well planned strategy.

  2. Ifejola Arowobusoye

    A good charge @ d beginning of a new year. ,Its hightime we c beyond d normal.

  3. True that , also having accountability partners would be very helpful in achieving our various goals. It helps with focus. Thank you for sharing

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