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Learning is one fun thing, depending on the context! One person says there is nothing good about school, yet goes on to learn to fish, to swim, to hunt, to drive. He learns to sell, and to keep records of sales. What if accounting was brought down to everyday language, maybe it would it would become learning and not schooling!
New words blast at us everyday, and we soak up as much as possible. For some, they whistle past us too fast for us to absorb until after a few encounters. Last week I saw an article in which a lady said she is young because she uses “google” as a verb! Wow! I do too, but I kindda never noticed! Have you noticed that it’s only in the office of “older” people that you find dictionaries these days! In the pocket of every young person there is a device that can google! And if you want to find the definition of “cullet,” all you need do is type “define cullet” in google, and it will give you the definition! However, it appears everything you misspell exists. That could be frustrating!
Once a senior professional addressed a team in which I was. He told us to work hard and study hard. “In 30 years you would become gurus; senior engineers!” I leaned over to my schoolmate with whom I reunited at the workshop and asked, “After we become senior engineers, what next?” He said he didn’t know! Meaning that he did not know what I had in mind. So I revealed it to him: “We will retire, we will grow old, and we will pass on!” He smiled at my mischievousness. Making a headway, I added, “So why be gurus in the first place!?”
On the other hand, ignorance is not an option!
However, it appears that often times, what ought to be a journey becomes the destination. And at that destination, fulfillment is elusive! One wise man who got to the end of the road and had an opportunity to look back wrote: “My child, there is something else to watch out for. There is no end to the writing of books, and too much study will wear you out.”
So what do we do with learning?
Get it; Give it; Act on it!
Imagine that when the apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head, he simply picked it and ate it; how would we have known about gravity? And the many other developments from it?
What good will we do with all that we know this week?

Archimedes was in the bath tub when he found out how to determine if the goldsmith mixed the king’s gold crown with silver. Today we study Archimedes in class but rarely solve our own tiny problems! 🙁

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  1. Well..”.learning” n “schooling” are different things. We learn everyday in or out of school. The important thing is to keep an open mind keep learning and – act on it

  2. Very well recalled and shared.
    The problem with us generally is that mor often than not, we study (learn) to pass exams and rarely to solve our or other people’s problems
    Our orientation therefore needs to change to relate our learning to the needs of the society.
    So help us God.

  3. “learning” and “schooling” are different but the two work together. the two must be continuous in life if these stop it will affect the growth and can leads to stagnant, stinking e t c.

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