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Minimalist Lifestyle

A minimalist lifestyle is one in which we only use things that serve a purpose.

That should go without saying? Well, not anymore.

With unassailable changes in technology, we could get carried away in catching up or looking trendy. Over 10 years ago, I got my first android device. The Google Playstore turned out to be a bottomless store of valuable apps. I kept installing and downloading and installing. A colleague once told his wife that the android phone can do everything except cook in the kitchen. By the time I realised what I was doing, I had over 250 apps I had installed (excluding system apps). Then I began to work back and eliminate the apps. An overload of apps slows down phones just like the overload of items and activities slows down life!

Do you have a headache sometimes in choosing which shoes or shirt to wear?
Do you have to set an alarm to warm a car so the battery won’t run down?
Hope you do not have to throw food away because it got stale in storage.
How many blenders, pots, spoons, kitchen knives, etc do you have that you have not used in a few years?

Lighten the load. Share with others, or sell, and free yourself!

I recently had to upgrade MS Office from 2016 to the latest 365 version. The professional told me that he has to first uninstall 2016 before he could install 365. Won’t that be a good setting in our lives? When for every extra we pick up, we let something go.


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Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

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