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My Tail

There are some horses that roam my neighbourhood. There tails are long with long hairs. The tails serve to protect the “exhaust” from especially flies. With the long hairs, the tails also serve to remove flies from the body. I noticed that for goats the tails are very short and usually standing straight rather than covering the exhaust. There are hairs serving to keep flies out. I’m not really sure what they use their tails for.
For the squirrel, the tail is long and bushy–seemingly as big as the squirrel itself. Apart from covering, the tail is used to achieve balance while climbing or running on narrow paths. At times, the tail is packed behind, at times it is stretched out and swaying from side to side. The tail of a dog shows emotions. It wags when happy, and hides when afraid. Fishes propel themselves with their tails; birds steer and balance with theirs. Crocodiles can kill with their tails while monkeys climb trees with theirs. Man has no tail, neither do gorillas. Each specie is equipped with exactly what it needs!
The tail is like the provision that God has put in the life of each man. You are equipped based on what you are set to do! If the squirrel wears the tail of a horse, it won’t be able to climb a tree because of it’s weight. If the horse wears the tail of a monkey, it won’t have as much capacity to deal with flies and other insects. No other tail could help the crocodile get food like the tail of a crocodile.
As one year ends and another starts, we tend to review and forecast. Oftentimes, we emphasize what we would need to do what or be who we should. Let’s try it differently this time: what do we have that points at what we should be doing? What does this tail of mine say about what I should be doing? What capacity do I have that indicates some direction?

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  1. Inspiring and directional content for 2016.
    Thanks sir.

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