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Settling into a new community about a decade ago, I joined  a social group. As i made my way to my very first meeting, I had an inkling that I would be called upon to give a little address.
As I sat in the taxi that November evening, I wondered why I should be the one to speak!
“Yeah.. because I am the newest in the crop!”
“Why did I even join?
“What am i doing in this city?
“Where am I even from?
“Where am I headed??”
…and the questions kept rolling on!
By the time I got off the taxi I was passionate enough about the topic I would speak on: Making the most of every opportunity!
Whiĺe reflecting in the taxi, I found out that the two preceding Novembers saw me in two different cities; there I was in a different city and certain that the next November would not meet me there!
The lesson:
If we can hardly stop time from moving, or ourselves from changing with time, we would be better off making the most of what time brings our way!
I found that some of the people I saw in my November reflection I had only a maximum of one year to spend with them. Some, i have seen briefly afterwards, some I will never see again. But value exchanged seems to last forever! Novembers come, Novembers go; people come, people go; but seeds sown do not remain seeds.
We could sow positive words to people, we could invest in self-development, we could actuallý plant a tree; but as time changes, we should bear in mind that everything changes with time, and that time lost cannot be regained!

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  1. Much has been said about time: time is money, time and tide wait for no one; so with opportunities, once lost, they can NEVER be regained. Making the most of time and opportunities is like asking God to help us to number our days to enable us put our hearts in the path of wisdom. More grace.

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