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On the march!

In over one month, almost every news piece and writing has been about the devastations and consequences of the Corona Virus. The pandemic will certainly pass, though the risk still subsists.

We have practised for more than one month how to live, how to work, how to dress, how to join meetings, how to worship, how to shop, how to socialize etc. We have seen the impact of COVID-19 on the health sector (the artillery), on the judiciary, on aviation, tourism, hospitality, petroleum, telecommunication, etc.

We now know that it will have an impact on food security, job security, social security, community security and even national security. We have been thoroughly tutored about the hazards of fear, and that over 90% of those infected recover. We know that America has taken the 1st position and that many people have succumbed to Corona: friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, etc.

We have dwelt too long on the corona side. I think it’s time to ask, “What does the future hold?”

Will there still be jobs? How do we prepare? Will there still be businesses? Will there still be agriculture and food? How do we ensure? Will there still be meetings? How would doctors consult with patients? Would schools one day resume? How would the teachers cope with the new techi-ness of the pupils and students? How would worship be in the future?

Would there still be “summer” or vacations? Where would we go? The nearby museums and other attractions we read about but never imagined visiting? Would we still work 5 or 6 days a week “at work?” How do we keep fit, spending “every day” within a 10-metre long space?

Would there still be legacies? How do we build them?

You have stayed too long on this place; Resume your journey!

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  1. That is the word for this season. There is still life after COVID-19 the world is not ending yet. What is next for you?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Food for thought.. Thanks

  3. Thanks Lanre.
    Great charge:
    Resume your journey!
    As long as the earth remains, Life sure goes on!

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