I recently read a book by John Maxwell Running with Giants. In it he discussed the life of Noah and how one person could make a difference. It took Noah about 100 years to build a massive ark on dry land. One could only imagine the persecution. However, the first thing was that Noah was the only one that God found who could work with Him.
Then I saw an old movie The Miracle Worker on YouTube! I thought it would show how some miracles happened etc. Instead it showed how Anne Sullivan got Helen Keller to live a productive life! Anne Sullivan was the miracle worker. The experiences of Sullivan made her devote her life to Helen Keller. I am not sure there was any other big achievement in the life of Sullivan. However, one achievement was big enough! What did that one thing produce through the life of Helen Keller?

  • She broke the barrier that would have rendered her completely useless in life. That in itself is a big deal, but then imagine the number of people who hear her story and go ahead to break their own barriers!
  • A deafblind would ordinarily have been written off as a hopeless case. But due to the work of Anne on Helen, schools for the deafblind were opened. She was the first deafblind to go to University. The next to her was 50 years after her!
  • She was the first deafblind to write to a book. She eventually authored 14!
  • She worked for the rights and privileges of the blind in 40 countries.
  • She was encouragement to blinded war veterans in World War II, etc.

Wouldn’t you describe Anne Sullivan as a success having laid the foundation for Helen to be Helen Keller?
What one thing are you doing, like Anne Sullivan?
What one thing are you the only one able to do, like Noah?

One could really be enough!

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  1. Thanks. This is good stuff. I’m moved and encouraged. God bless you

  2. Everyone is born with a substance or potential with which to influence his/her world. And this could be only one thing.

  3. Great ..

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