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Plan for Family

Have you ever seen a beautiful family? The kind that makes your spouse or children call you to ask, “why do we not ….?” And then you think, “Where is s/he? Who are they with?

Good results don’t happen by chance. If you move into a new plot, you will have to tend the garden to make it beautiful. You’d wish it would stop at that right? You will have to keep tending the garden to keep it beautiful. The garden seems to love gravity. It just wants to go down and out!

On your job or in your business, you have to keep reinventing. Else a new entrant will outshine you in no time. Competence will always require work!

What is your plan for your good family?
Do you plan to spend time together?
Watch a movie once in a while?
Play games together?
Take your spouse on a date without the children?
Take each child on a date without other family members?
Pick up your children from school which is not the normal schedule? (It will shock my dad reading this that I remember the day he picked me up from school in kindergarten 2. 😀 And I was the only one he picked up as my sister did not go to school that day. I remember the school, the car with which he picked me up, the brown trousers he wore, and where we went afterwards. It felt so special since it was not the norm). My mum did pick us up on a million occasions. But the day she came without a car is etched in my memory. The city was in chaos and she walked a long distance to get to us. That was Pry 3.

It could even be you doing something special for your siblings or parents.

To have that family of your dream, you will put in the effort.

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