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Plan For Your Children’s Education

According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” …and I believe, to change your own story too!.

Most parents tend to equip their children to their own capacity as the parents; some go beyond! Have you seen lawyer children of lawyer parents? Engineer children of engineer parents? Doctor children of doctor parents? You even see families where all the children study to become professionals in the same field!

Yet in most cases, the influence is not direct i.e the parents do not directly tell the children to take after them. The children pick up what the parents exude! It is necessary to be intentional about what we exude.

Demonstrate what you consider important to your children. Show them that their development is a priority. While education is not final, it is foundational. Once you put it in place, it is up to each child what s/he builds on it.

A mentor once pointed out that it would be tough for most people to invest in homeownership and at the same time see their children through university education. To plan for education, discuss it, emphasize it, save for it, and remove other things that could disturb it from the way.


Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay 

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