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Planning for Windfalls

Google defines a windfall as “a large amount of money that is won or received unexpectedly.” The keywords are large and unexpectedly. Windfalls are sweet. They bring ease and speed to life. 😁

With windfalls, some people buy houses and cars. Some people upgrade their lifestyles. Some people can fund educational goals they’ve not been able to afford prior to the windfall. Others marry new wives. Most of these are the thoughts that must have been lurking in our minds without the capacity to express them.

Dr Frank W. Gunsaulus was an American who desired to build a school where students learnt by doing. He needed $1m. He spoke about it everywhere. He discussed it with everyone but he got nothing. One day while discussing his dream school again, Phillip D. Armour heard him. He asked Dr Gunsaulus to come to his office for the $1m. It was unbelievable, but Gunsaulus got $1m. He went on to found the Armour Institute of Technology which, after merging with Lewis Institute in 1940, is now known as the Illinois Institute of Technology.

What you will do with a windfall is what you’ve had in your mind but could not afford. If there’s no impressive dream in your mind, you may wonder what happened to your windfall not long after.

Maintain dreams that are bigger than your current status; you could receive a windfall.

For more on Dr Gunsaulus’ story, click here


Image by Peter H from Pixabay

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