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Power in Pain

A gentleman lived with his family in Connecticut. He left them to do a quick painting job in Washington, a four-day journey away. His wife wrote him, he wrote back; but he got no response. While expecting a letter from her, he got one from his father announcing the demise of his wife. He left his work and ran home but she had already been buried by the time he got there. He was so sad.
He couldn’t understand why communication had to be so slow. One day he got into some discussion about electromagnetism. Later on, he got a job at New York University and decided to attend lectures on electricity.
Afterward, he, Samuel Morse invented the Morse code and the telegraph, sending his first message on the 24th May 1844. That’s the beginning of text messaging, emails, money transfers, etc. In fact, when he clocked 80, Western Union employees honoured him for creating the industry that employed them.
One’d just want to imagine what the world would have been like if Samuel Morse did not look back to solve the problem that caused him so much pain.

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  1. That’s a beautiful response to pain. Sometimes it’s hard to see though through the pain

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