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What does praying do?

The smartest and most accomplished men have reported support by powers beyond the natural. Why not take advantage too?

Nikola Tesla discovered the alternating current (AC). Thomas Edison discovered the direct current (DC). Nikola invented and designed so many things. When he died, the US Army moved in to take custody of his notes. It was that serious. Tesla was a hard worker. He devoted his life to inventions; he never married. But he said that many of his inventions and designs came to him in dreams. From where? Or from who?

R.G. LeTourneau invented earth-moving machines that made “instant runways” for returning US warplanes during the 2nd world war. Though he was the most hardworking of men, many of his designs came to him in dreams. From where? Or from who?

Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of thoughts in his book Think and Grow Rich. This is a reference to what is stated in the Bible about becoming what we think about.

There’s a little African Proverb that says that one who doesn’t know the secret of the success of his contemporaries will wear himself out with hard labour.

So? Pray! It will help your personal finance.

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