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Precision was a topic taught along side Accuracy in Chemistry. They appear to mean the same thing but Accuracy speaks more about how correct the result is, while precision measures the exactness of correctness, if one could say it that way; to what degree has error been eliminated. While it is possible to be accurate but not as precise, it is not possible to be precise but not accurate.
There was a woman who identified a traveller frequently passing through her city. He was a revered man. She began to have him stop for a cold drink at her earthen stall. One day, he came in to town quite late and surely he had no place to stay. So she persuaded him to stay over at her place. She was quick to inform her husband of the August visitor. She got her maid to clean up the spare room while food was being prepared. The gentleman had a good night, and he became a frequent family visitor.
One day he was so grateful that he promised the Lady a unique gift. She did not believe it, but she got it. He prayed for a son for her and she had a son! Then there was an impending recession and the revered man notified her. She moved to a wealthier city and was there for seven years till the recession melted away. By the time she got back, her estates had been expropriated by the government. So she thought to speak to the Mayor.
The issue on hand was: it would not be easy to get to see the Mayor! But she decided to try her luck. She got to his office and because of her shiny black Mercedes, she was allowed to drive right in! She heaved a sigh with a  thank you to God. She got to the reception and she just had the idea of addressing herself as Madam. “I have no appointment but I need to see him urgently. Just came back to the country three days ago. My name is James. Madam James.”
The Mayor sure couldn’t remember Madam James, but “ok, let her come in.” He had a junior Evangelist with him in his office telling him of the mighty things God had done by the hand of his Pastor. He had told of miracle provisions and miracles of teleporting! Yes, teleporting! Other experiences included healings, supernatural children, and in fact, raising of the dead. At that point, Madam James stepped in.
Evangelist jumped up and shouted “She’s the one!” Madam James looked at the evangelist, and then the Mayor. The Mayor looked at Madam James, and then Evangelist. “She is what?”
“She’s the woman who used to accommodate us in her house many years ago before we opened a parish in this city! It was her son that was returned from the dead!” Madam James seemed to melt! It was so true! Her son died but she refused to say so! She maintained the phrase now so popular: “It is well!”
And so Madam James had an unprecedented welcome and introduction to the Mayor. Of course she got her estate back.
Madam James went back home happy, but she couldn’t get the happenings of the day off her mind! “Why was it today that the Evangelist was there to talk to the Mayor about me? Why did I not decide to see the Mayor yesterday? Why did I not come later in the evening as I already planned, considering the Mayor’s busy schedule? Why? Why not?”
Man may not be able to define God, but man cannot deny Him; at worst man could deceive himself that there is no God. But there are situations in life that suggest that God has a massive micrometer screw gauge with which He measures everything out according to His plan and purpose: at the right place, with the right person, right on time! Even if the enemy distracts us, we were probably ahead of time!
In tackling the issues that come our way, we should count on God’s precision.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I needed that. Yup, God us precise! I concurr….fully persuaded.

  2. In all things, God is always exactly on time and on point.

  3. it’s nice to know i’ve got this God on my side.

  4. The beauty of live for me lies in the fact that God is constantly working all things out for my good, whether it looks like it or not… i simply have to key in by being in His will and presence… with Him there are never any coincidences… only God orchestrated beautiful surprises.

  5. A very good piece Bro. Lanre. Thanks.

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