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One day a brother of mine was showing me the features of a bible application. So we thought to do a search to test the app. We searched for “Prodigal.” . . Not found!
What?? This app does not know the prodigal son??
Then we remembered! “Jesus never called the guy ‘Prodigal’!” We searched for something else and found it; the app was okay. However, it is worth rethinking! Jesus never called the guy “prodigal!” His father never called him “prodigal”! His brother probably could have!
There were only 2 sons (or classes of sons), and hence we who are not the prodigal are probably his brother(s) who have lived small in the centre of abundance. One wonders what our prodigal brother has claimed, after his restoration. The truth is that the whole of the father’s Holdings belonged entirely to the brother of the prodigal! I bet the best place to start from then, is to take at least what the Prodigal has taken, and then moving on to take more and eventually all!
Instead of condemning healing, favours, and various miracles, knowing that our father is able to do any and everything, shouldn’t we ask Him for these things?
It would be merrier when there are more people who pray for the sick in the Name of our God; more people who who seek help at our Father’s throne!
Let’s kick-off today since He says: “whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

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  1. Funmi Isaacs-Oreoluwa

    Uhmmmm… true talk…imagine and we all use prodigal!   How are u dear.   God keep u

  2. Thanks for the encouragement to ask advenjoined by the Scriptures. May we ask in accordance with His wish.

  3. May our eyes be opened to see the depth of the truth of His word. Bless u brother. Hope you arekeeping fit.

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