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Prof Howard Hendricks told of his behaviour in Primary School. He used to be an unruly pupil. When a new year started, the class teacher called his name and he identified himself. She then said something like this: “I’ve heard that you are the most unruly in this school. I will not have anything like that in my class.” Hearing this, he made up his mind not to disappoint her; he gave her so much trouble that she once had to physically tie him to his seat.
The following year, another teacher took over his class. History began to repeat itself as she called him out and began to speak thus:  “I’ve heard that you are the most unruly in this school but I don’t believe a word of it. I know you will do your best this year and come out as one of the best pupils in this school.” In the same vein, he made up his mind not to disappoint her. Once in that year when he was studying, his dad came to his room and asked if Howard was sick (it was so strange to see him study).
In Mark Fisher’s book The Instant Millionaire, the story is told of a young man who was locked up in a guest house. Suddenly the facsimile began spewing out a message. The message was one, and it was repeated over and over again. The message was that someone was coming to kill him in one hour.
Whoa! He panicked. Picked the telephone, no luck, Banged on the door, no response. He called out from the window, no one noticed him. He watched the clock tick! When the hour was up, the door opened and…
His mentor came in.
He asked why our man was sweaty and frightened. He showed his mentor the message. The mentor pointed out to him that the message was not addressed to him, and it was addressed!
Thoughts and words are real things. Words in the mind affect the body, whether the words are right or wrong. They tend to guide our actions and Inclinations.
Psychosomatic refers to the relationship between the mind and the body. Words and thoughts sit in the mind while their effects show in the body and in the physical. Medicine talks about psychosomatic disorders–conditions of the mind affecting the body; and many people get well when they are administered placebos (empty drugs). Some people will not even get well until they are administered an injection. Others will not see clearly except they wear glasses, even if it’s plain glass.
The Holy Book sums it up this way: “As a man thinks, so is he.”
What do you think?
What do you see?
Think good and speak good so you can experience good.

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  1. This is so true. Our MD tells the story of him being a young graduate and with some friends saying this is what they think they can become and verbalising it and it has happened just like that. We can begin to change the negatives to positive by focusing on the positives only.

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