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When we have to embark on a trip, we inadvertently prepare a few things that would help us get there. This preparation may be inadequate, but usually, it will get us to the destination even if it would not give us a good time there.
We have to choose our modes of transportation. Sometimes, you have to choose further: Ok, I’ll go by road. Which route? Do I  drive my own car? Or do I ride  with a friend? Do I go by public transport? This is taking for granted the fact that we had already established our destination.
We arm ourselves with what we believe are necessary supplies for the trip. However, most trips require more than just initial preparation. Some trips even require us to retreat (fail) and take on the trip again. In 1953, two people made it to the top of Mount Everest at the same time: Edmund Hillary and Tenzig Norgay. Tenzig had attempted in 1952, but the team was beaten back 240 meters from the summit. The current Nigerian President M. Buhari took the office by force in 1983 but was chased out in less than 2 years. He has been vying for the office since 2003 and he made it in 2015 when his strategy was completely overhauled; he re-equipped.
Sometimes after our attempts have proved successful, we need to still overhaul the whole machinery. Sometimes we find that we are not sufficiently equipped to sustain the success; we get some more education, we refuel our cars, we hire new staff, etc.
Summarily, Not Much in Life is Passive!
We may need to do less, do more, etc. But above all, we need to keep evaluating and making adjustments.

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  1. Jumoke Akinwale

    Each time i recieve your post on my email,i find myself rushing to quickly go through the content ,even if i have just two minutes to do that,i dont postphone it.You are such a great inspiration i must confess,you really have no idea how much of a blessing you have been to me and some other persons out there.
    I respect your spiritual maturity and i pray for more Grace,more Grace and more Grace on you life.May you not miss it in life in Jesus name.God bless you.

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