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Restless Resources

“Many” yeas ago when we got into Physics class, our teacher, in trying to explain the definition of WORK as the PRODUCT of FORCE and DISTANCE, picked a piece of chalk from a desk and dropped it on another desk, and he claimed to have done work.
Then he pointed out that if the most petite girl in our class should have the whole world carefully placed on her shoulders but does not move an inch with the load, she would have done no work!
Our young mouths dropped open!
Similarly, why should the waters of the Benue flow idly for hundreds of kilometers, doing no work? All the flooding Nigeria has been experiencing in the past weeks has been due to overflow of the Benue River.
Due to restlessness, if one could say that, the river has started to wreck havoc!
Imagine that the river has to drive some turbines along the journey! It would have lost much energy to the process.
Did I say lost?
No! It would have converted its energy to some benefial forms like electricity, and you don’t want to imagine what blessing a 2nd Kainji Dam would be to Nigeria.
Even a stabilization pond or lake for the purpose of domestic water supply, fish farming or irrigation would still have tempered the energy of the river; this time, without hampering water transportation.
For modern water transportation, the river would have had to be dredged, and more room made to contain flood waters at such a time as this.
Yeah. The sun seems brighter these days . . . and feels like closer to the ground . . . shinning angrily!
Is it not time to cover all roofs with solar panels and switch off the diesel/petrol power generators!
The wind is blowing, the desert is encroaching,
The administrators are asking for Federal assistance;
Nice to line the boundaries with trees, but wind mills would do the same job, and add some megawatts!
Maybe one the supergrid power transmission contract awarded in 2010 was not the right direction to channel funds!
What else causes headaches in Nigeria?
Yes, youths!
The northern youths who could have been fielded as archers in the just concluded olympics!
The south-south youths who have lived all their lives on canoes! Why were they not in the kayaks during the last olympics!?
Why were youths not put in for the racewalking competition (a.k.a trekking)!?
London trek sure can’t be like Lagos trek!
The 3rd Mainland bridge is 11km long, the race walking is 20km & 50km.
Please if you have trekked the 3rd mainland bridge under the tropical sun before, could you show your hands?
If you would like to do it for fame and wealth, in London, under the natural air conditioning, could you show your hands and feet!!! Medics would follow you all the way, and pure energy would be served at intervals!
More rivers are swelling, other resources are agitating; social entrepreneurs are needed URGENTLY to prevent more outbursts. . . and move Nigeria forward!

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  1. Amen to your vision

  2. Hmmm………I hope one day we wake up to the reality of the amount of resources we have yet waste all in the name of fattening the pockets of politicians. We will get there one day by his grace.

  3. The summary of it all is that the resources of Nigeri- human and natural – are not being jud overall development of the counntryountry. This brings us back to the issue of leadership!
    As someone near me just commented, please keep calling our attention to the banes of our seeming inability to progress, sooner than later, some well positioned/connected people will come on the scene of Nigeria’s governance and lead us to our promised land. Such people are already keeping record of your prompting and eye-opening writings and will use them to prepare the road map to Nigeria’s greatness.

  4. I hope someone in power gets to read this. All true to the word.
    Nice one,big Bros!

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