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Retirement Planning

Retirement refers to a season of life where we begin to step back from regular Work-life activities. And retirement planning refers to the planning that precedes this phase of life.

Retirement Planning begins by looking at the time and times of life. It involves a mindset shift because many people still believe that retirement is only for aged people. There’s even an idea that only lazy people talk about retirement. Ultimately, it turns out that it’s genuine people that talk about what is inevitable.

Young people retire to go live their dreams. Others go to explore. Some retire to clear their minds and then return with a blank canvas to start an entirely new painting.

Retirement mostly ends with the end of life. However, in the words of Nelson Mandela, we can “retire from retirement” and get into other activities. He said this after his presidency when he had retired to his country home. His son died of HIV, and he decided that he had to come back to work against HIV!

To make the most of retirement, you should prepare for it. Retirement brings up stress in different facets of life: marriage, finance, social, identity, health, etc. And the optimum time to begin preparing is about age 40.

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