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Sleeping and …?

Years ago, I worked in an organisation in which, officially, a worker caught sleeping on duty twice would be summarily dismissed. While I was there, no one was officially caught twice; it was always a first time! You know, you’d walk up to a dozing colleague and wake him up saying, “That’s your first time.” We would roar with laughter and everyone would be wide awake and carry on with work.
It was a fast-paced environment both for the brain and for the feet; a senior could call you and ask why you were walking slowly like one who had nothing to do!! It was an environment in which the prime motivation for work was fear…and there was no hiding place except outside the gates! We certainly were not lazy; it was the practice to jump down from the company’s staff bus caught in traffic to hop on a two-legged to get to the office in good time. Working two shifts back-to-back was no big deal though to get paid for extra hours was highly debatable.
Let’s flip over our minds and imagine a work environment in which fulfilment is the prime motivation; where mistakes are not punished but learnt from. An environment where the boss knows the names of the spouses and children of the team members!
My mind was looking for that environment sometime ago and I found it!
I found one who is not hunting for mistakes but looks for opportunities to praise and affirm;
I found one who identifies stumbling blocks on the path and guides over them safely;
I found one who gives difficult tasks and watches proteges ignore valuable tools and embark on unsustainable journeys; what does he do? He sends the necessary help and provisions to key milestones on the path;
I found one who always knows when people are tired, and he generously lavishes rest breaks;
I found that no matter how much mankind can try, there could be no better Father than God!

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  1. Waoh!,the love of God could not be better described.
    I am overwhemed with gratitude for that love.

  2. Lanre, you set me imagining who that boss was and of which organization. But you gallantly allayed my fears when you mentioned our Heavenly Father. Indeed, there is no other one. Kudus!

  3. Thank you so much for this piece! Nothing can compare with the love of our Father God! He is ever faithful, ever sure.

  4. Apt description of God’s love that brings out gratitude. You are indeed being a blessing. God keep you in His grace.

  5. …….but do not resign or go on vacation from His work if you want to continue to enjoy Him!

  6. There is truly none like our God.

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