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Social Media Addict?

If you are not on social media you must be well over 70 in body or mind! Times have really changed.
I am not on many media. I joined Facebook years ago after someone convinced me it was better than Hi5. I joined twitter because that was the way to keep up with information on subsidy protests in 2012 in Nigeria. I joined whatsapp in 2011 as an inexpesnive means of keeping in touch with friends, especially those outside the country.
Since android operating system removed the social media hub, I decided I could not afford the energy required to remember to read tweets. I summarily logged out. I dont think I have lost much since then–reading newspaper headlines is sufficient.
i found that whatsapp alerts were making me disoriented. In fact I once thought it had the potential to raise blood pressure. I got so addicted to whatsapp that I could type without looking at the keypad! It was unbelievable! In meetings, in trainings, in transit, I was online! Step one, I deleted the app for a few weeks. When I reinstalled it (because I missed my friends), I silenced it permanently, and I switched off vibration. That way, I receive messages as convenient for me. Today, whatsapp is happy and I am happy. There’s no contest who comes first!
Facebook. I learnt years ago that one way to improve time management is to turn waiting time to productive time. While waiting for a meeting, while on a queue, what value-adding activity could one engage in? For example, I am writing this article on a bus…and I am not driving! After about 5 years on Facebook, I found that at every idle time, I inadvertently checked what’s up on Facebook. It was obsessive and compulsive! Before a meeting, I’d check, after the meeting I’d check! One day, I realised my addiction.
Do I want to get off Facebook? NO! But certainly guy, you cant continue like this!
So I got a flash of an idea! Adopt a Facebook start time! Very simple: Thou shalt not open Facebook before 4pm on any day for any reason! My friend laughed in disbelief: “I’ll monitor you for you!” Easy? Not really. I had essential Facebook pages to manage, but then, I found out Pages app so I do not need to go through my Facebook feed. Many days, I would argue with myself:
“At least, I am not doing anything now. Cant I just peep?”
“No you cant! Cant you control yourself for a few hours??”
Sundays were the most difficult; “Cant one just relax with Facebook?”
I certainly had the help of God! But I won! There are days I completely forget there is Facebook. In fact I convinced myself to delete my Facebook messenger app recently, arguing that the slowest means to send a critical message would be by email not Facebook messaging!
Csn you imagine that one could get addicted to webpage visitor statistics? I DID! But I got delivered! My heart passed a message to me banning me from those stats, and my conscience convicted me everytime I disobeyed! That message was surely from God!
So what are the benefits? In January I found that I read through eight books! More like it; better for me! I am also able spend my waiting time thinking. Thinking is not the same as worrying. One could think about how the venue of a meeting was arranged or even built, and you get an idea of how to do yours better! One could write an article, plan a vacation, daydream (that word is almost extinct–no thanks to social media), call an old, almost-forgotten pal, verbally socialize with a “real” neighbour, reflect on an unresolved problem, etc!
A few minutes scroll through Facebook a day will keep us informed, educated and in touch. If one has something good to share, great! Really necessary to keep people’s feed filled with good words.
What about Pinterest, Google+, Flipboard, Picasa, etc? I guess one day I’ll learn about them. For now, I am happily old-school in that wise!

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  1. This is very true, and I cannot deny the addiction..
    with these step on how to curb this disease

  2. Thanks for this uncle Lanre. Presently, my social media addiction is high…really bad 🙁

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