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Strength in Ignorance

There was a young man who belonged to a certain Christian group. Almost all they believed in was in conflict with what other Christians believe. He stumbled on Billy Graham preaching on TV one day. He decided to listen and pick holes in the sermon of the “big guy.” This young man was very knowledgeable and could take on any “conventional” Christian. 
Billy Graham mentioned the concept of Trinity, and the young guy was happy to find a handle to take on the big guy. But then Billy Graham took a turn: he said that he did not understand Trinity though he believed in it! He explained that there’s just no way an ordinary man could completely understand the Almighty God.
“Arrgh! How is that possible?? The big guy doesn’t even understand what he believes in? We are taught to understand everything. Our tutors have all the answers!”
So he turned off the TV, but the seed had been sown. He eventually agreed that if God is as great as we claim He is, then we are not likely to understand all there is to know about Him. The young man changed the course of his faith.
The Lesson:
We will not understand everything, and we will not get all the answers; but we will have to keep following God.
What the young man above did not know was that Billy Graham once demanded full understanding of everything. He slowed down his walk with God and watched his faith wither. Finally God explained that Billy’s business was to follow, not to understand God. God once more gave Billy the choice to follow without understanding or to walk away. Of course he chose to follow. That was why he could declare on TV that he did not understand all he believed in.
Similarly, we just won’t get all the answers, but we will keep following. If you are not comfortable with being frail, you are probably still a toddler!

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