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Strong through the dark alleys

In a normal life, there are great times and not-so-great times; bright times and not-so-bright times. Older people say that to live long, you will see some great people leave before you. Wealthy people often tell stories of when they almost went bankrupt. And some not-so-wealthy people tell stories of when they were wealthy.

It’s probably something about the cycle of life that passes us through rough patches to grow us up.

Those patches come in different forms: financial struggles, career hurdles, personal setbacks, etc. No alley lasts forever. You will always pull through if you can just take one more step forward!

To keep going,

  • Keep hope alive
  • Draw strength from the success stories of others
  • Remember your many past victories!

There’s the story about the man who was coaching his son in driving. Suddenly it began to rain quite heavily. The boy said he couldn’t see anything and that it was better to pull over till the rain stopped. His father refused. He told him to put on the headlamps, the wipers, the AC, the glass heaters and everything. Then he told him to keep going slowly.

The boy obeyed. Not long after, the rain suddenly stopped, and it actually looked like there never was a storm! The boy commented that if he had pulled over, they wouldn’t have had to wait so long! The dad told him that the rain had not stopped, they had simply driven away from the cloud that was pouring the rain! If they had pulled over under the cloud, they would still have been in the rain! Wise!

Remain strong through your dark alleys, and Keep Moving!

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