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Plan for Family

African family together

Have you ever seen a beautiful family? The kind that makes your spouse or children call you to ask, “why do we not ….?” And then you think, “Where is s/he? Who are they with?“Good results don’t happen by chance. If you move into a new plot, you will have …

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A Plan for Rest

Planning comes very easily to some people. For some, planning sounds like a synonym for headache. But it shows in the output that a plan was made (or otherwise) before an activity was undertaken. Did you plan to go to school? Maybe it was your parents who did. But there …

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What does praying do? The smartest and most accomplished men have reported support by powers beyond the natural. Why not take advantage too? Nikola Tesla discovered the alternating current (AC). Thomas Edison discovered the direct current (DC). Nikola invented and designed so many things. When he died, the US Army …

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