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Force of Finance (4)

There’s one thing we all have in common, generally speaking: We do not like to spend our money. Yes, we like the things that money gets, but we could be really tardy to let go of the money. As a result we find ourselves spending when we should not spend, …

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Force of Finance (3)

Do you have some cash sitting idle?Why are survival skills not taught in school? One rich man taught that he had two careers; one for himself and one for his money. What is the career of your money? I guess the bigger your sum, the higher it could get paid. …

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Force of Finance (2)

One of my earliest lessons in Economics is the reason for Economics: limited resources! If everything existed in abundance, there would be no need to study Economics or learn how to allocated resources. When you pluck a flower in the morning, by evening it withers if you don’t put its …

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