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Happy new year! Standard, most of us [attempt to] develop new habits in January. A man hence subscribed at the Gym as a keep-fit plan for the new year. After about two visits, he got busy. Sometime in February, he showed up again. He asked the manager, “What do you …

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Assessment A beautiful year is on! Many plans are in place. The best thing about plans is that they often come to pass! There seems to be less drive for planning and new-year-orientation in 2014 than I observed in 2013. I only hope folks are not tired of planning. Some …

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This is the season when we begin to dust our planners and journals; the time when “Mr Procrastination” suddenly becomes responsible for all uncompleted self-help projects. This is the time when gyms and health clubs advertise and prepare for profit (Note that profit is here define as people who register …

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