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Controlling Your Spending

One key to wealth is to retain some of your income. That means that if you earn 20,000 a month, make sure that by all means, you never spend all 20,000 in any month. But with rising inflation, with boredom, and with the development of sleeker toys, the temptation to …

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Emergency Funds

We are advised to keep some money for emergencies. The recommendation is that we should have 3-6 months’ living expenses kept away. Of course, that’s after we are able to take care of today’s needs.What emergencies? Medical emergencies, job losses, national economic downturns, etc. Emergency funds are different from savings …

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Financial Priorities

Economics is studied because there are not enough resources to go round.After we have defined what we mean by resources and what quantities are sufficient we always have to prioritize to determine what comes first, what comes next, what comes last and what could be easily forgone. We certainly already …

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Personal Budgets: A Different View

Many people find budgeting cumbersome and burdensome, and they don’t see its point. Yet, most personal finance books open with “do a budget.” How come some people find it so easy and effective? I believe that how we view it could make it easy or hard. First, it is your …

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