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Clutch at the Straw!

So we’ve been through 2020, and we came out alive!Many are distraught and discouraged, asking, “If long-standing kingdoms could fall so easily before a virus, who then can stand?” There’s wisdom in the English saying that a drowning man will clutch at straw (or a twig) in the water. Swimming …

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On the march!

In over one month, almost every news piece and writing has been about the devastations and consequences of the Corona Virus. The pandemic will certainly pass, though the risk still subsists. We have practised for more than one month how to live, how to work, how to dress, how to …

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8 or 9 Fingers

A friend told me he perceives Covid-19 will have three seasons. And I responded, “Health crisis, Economic Crisis, and Energy Crisis.” It sounds profound, but that was what my brain could see. Everyone can see the health crisis. Thousands of people die daily as during a major war. In many …

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Work from Home Tips

Courtesy of the Corona Pandemic, many people now work from home. This cuts off the cost of transiting from home to work and back; and it literally adds hours to some people’s days: the hours spent in traffic every day. At the start, you may find yourself spending double the …

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