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CAREER DEVELOPMENT I developed this blog post from a recent presentation of mine.  First, what is a career? According to Google, a career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. In this definition, we see the importance of a career …

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A trip to D.R.C.

I heard a British Pastor narrate how his recent missionary trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo went. His team funded the first complete translation of the bible to the local language of the people of Cabinda. Noble course! However, his experience on the trip . . .em…let’s see what …

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New Dawn (A daydream)

A better agos

A few years ago, when drastic positive changes were taking place in Lagos, I was stuck in traffic one day, and the dream below was the output. Do you think it is possible? New Dawn   “Wow! I woke up late again. I’m most certainly going to get a query …

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Could it bring growth?

A friend’s facebook post  triggered my thoughts.   She said,” sometimes I wonder why Elijah’s brook had to dry up in the course of a famine when it was God that ordered him to go to the brook”   She concluded, “the brook had to dry up so his status …

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