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Empower Your Family Members

Work is honourable!The capacity to work is something we should be grateful for.To sit down and do nothing when you have the capacity to do it may be akin to a sin.When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, Professors were brought to teach her topics that were considered necessary for …

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Plan for Family

African family together

Have you ever seen a beautiful family? The kind that makes your spouse or children call you to ask, “why do we not ….?” And then you think, “Where is s/he? Who are they with?“Good results don’t happen by chance. If you move into a new plot, you will have …

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A story

“Once upon a time in Silicon Valley there lived a busy, important man. He routinely logged twelve- to fourteen-hour days at his job, and sometimes weekends. He picked up an MBA and joined professional organizations and boards of directors to expand his contacts. He listened to business books on keeping …

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The Home

THE HOME ‘Lanre Fatokun   Cohesion is defined as the sticking together of the particles of the same substance while adhesion refers to the act or state of being united with a surface or an object.   Hence, the bond holding the “pieces”, or components (persons), of a home together …

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