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Been many years since I left secondary school. When it was approaching twenty years, a friend set up a WhatsApp group and we just seemed to find everyone again. Some had passed on, and we had become very well distributed across the globe. Shapes and sizes had morphed in several …

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Mentoring refers to the relationship by which one person is helped up by a more competent person. That’s my definition! Novel! Odysseus left his son Telemachus in the care of Mentor in Greek Mythology, in simple terms, to make a man of the lad! Many times we struggle to make of ourselves …

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My friend!

When I think about divorce, I think of friends! What has it got to do with it? Friends wield unimaginable influence in our lives! We spend time discussing with our friends, rubbing minds, sharing ideas, seeking for second opinions, counselling, encouraging, discouraging, persuading, dissuading, etc. Once I looked around me …

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What is truth?

What is truth? Listening to Jim Cymballa of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, he discussed a recent job advert in a New York port agency. They needed expert electricians in suntag connectors. They got over one hundred and seventy (170) applicants! Experts in suntag connectors. What’s the big deal about that? It …

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