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Roles in Charity

Charity can be defined as “the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need” (Google). I doubt if there’s any city in the world where there’s no one in need. Some people even choose to live on the streets when homes have been provided.From …

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Overgiving? Is there something like that?Many years ago I got a job out of town and had to move in with a family. I was very comfortable and at home. One month, I ran out of money and had to borrow from my aunt. She obliged and in a matter …

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Giving Money Away

Such a nice title; everyone loves “giveaways!” There are several perspectives on giving. There are religious perspectives such as zakat and tithing. There are social perspectives talking about Corporate Social Responsibility and charities. Some people blend these options, others prefer to stand aloof. Your money is your money, and no …

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Sow a Seed – A Professor’s testimony

Sow a Seed – A Professor’s testimony ‘Lanre Fatokun   A finance commissioner from a neighbouring state was invited make a presentation. 3rd March 2012. He came 2 hours late! Terrible! He started speaking and he spoke very well, far beyond what one would espect from his heavily accented English! …

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