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Clutch at the Straw!

So we’ve been through 2020, and we came out alive!Many are distraught and discouraged, asking, “If long-standing kingdoms could fall so easily before a virus, who then can stand?” There’s wisdom in the English saying that a drowning man will clutch at straw (or a twig) in the water. Swimming …

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Say it!!

 I sat back one day and thoughts began to flow.  .  . When my brother was preparing for National Service after the university, I used to say jokingly that he would go to serve at the farthest place possible: Maiduguri! It happened.  .  . When he was preparing to wed, …

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The waters

The Waters. Growing up, there was a tall, bent, old Norwegian preacher I used to watch on TV: Aril Edvardsen. Once he stood by the River Jordan and shared about the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The river Jordan flows into the Sea of Galilee, and then continues …

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I didn’t intend to write about the scene at church 2 Saturdays ago. The guest preacher said he perceived there was someone on his right hand side of the auditorium with kidney issues. The first man to emerge appeared drunk (from my judgement). He dint seem to know we were there for …

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One day a brother of mine was showing me the features of a bible application. So we thought to do a search to test the app. We searched for “Prodigal.” . . Not found! What?? This app does not know the prodigal son?? Then we remembered! “Jesus never called the …

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