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8 or 9 Fingers

A friend told me he perceives Covid-19 will have three seasons. And I responded, “Health crisis, Economic Crisis, and Energy Crisis.” It sounds profound, but that was what my brain could see. Everyone can see the health crisis. Thousands of people die daily as during a major war. In many …

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An Inspirational Hangout (1)

I have been longing to see my friend for a while. She runs an NGO in Lagos Nigeria, Cancer Aware. We were together in Secondary School and in the University. This is the first time we are seeing since graduation. I learnt a lot from her. I learnt about how …

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The heart of the teacher

A few moments ago, I got thinking about my secondary school days. I recalled the loving teachers such as Mr Awe and Mr Oyedotun. Mr Oye must have been the most popular teacher with parents. For science students, Mr Awe was the best with clarity of communication and contemporary anecdotes …

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Church: My new lessons!

once upon my grandfather's church with a sunday chime!

Once upon a trip to the UK, I finally saw a few “cathedral” buildings in London that have been converted to other purposes. Whoa! “So it is true!!!” As I kept moving around the country, I heard more stories about churches being converted to homes, offices, pubs etc. I heard of …

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Restless Resources

“Many” yeas ago when we got into Physics class, our teacher, in trying to explain the definition of WORK as the PRODUCT of FORCE and DISTANCE, picked a piece of chalk from a desk and dropped it on another desk, and he claimed to have done work. Then he pointed …

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Burning the Bridge

Not the strategic bridges in our cities; Not the vital links to our so called ruralities. But the bridges that link us to those same places we know we shouldn’t return to. The best story of a man who burnt his bridge  that I have heard of recent was of a …

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New Dawn (A daydream)

A better agos

A few years ago, when drastic positive changes were taking place in Lagos, I was stuck in traffic one day, and the dream below was the output. Do you think it is possible? New Dawn   “Wow! I woke up late again. I’m most certainly going to get a query …

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Find Your Platform

Find your Platform I went to visit a friend sometime ago, named Tayo. “Tayo, how is life?” We exchanged pleasantries and started to discuss. Another friend of his came in and addressed him as “pastor Tayo”. So I said jokingly, “Am I a serious person? Can you imagine me calling …

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Untitled Leadership

Untitled Leadership   Leadership has many perks and benefits especially when it has the authority of a Position/Office.   For an untitled Leader, the call is usually divine, the passion lasting, and the challenges are unique. ..and enormous!   1) untitled Leadership is self-sponsored. In Lagos Nigeria, there is a …

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