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Financial Literacy

Just when I was rounding up my 1st degree in the university over 20 years ago, a book became popular. The book impressed our financial ignorance upon us.It was easy-to-read, informative and instructive. It defined asset and liability in a way we could relate with, different from how our accounting …

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Playing to Win vs Playing Not to Lose

The Prisoners’ Dilemma teaches many lessons. One of them is the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose. What could that be? Imagine that two friends, Peter and Paul commit a crime. Eventually, they were picked up by the Police and were being interrogated separately. They were …

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Bimetallic Strip Growth

A bimetallic strip is a contraption of 2 dissimilar metals, say aluminium and brass. Imagine having two rulers, one aluminium, one brass. Glue the two together along their lenghts and you have a bimetallic strip. What is the essence? It is used to measure temperature and get an electrical system …

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