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Church: My new lessons!

once upon my grandfather's church with a sunday chime!

Once upon a trip to the UK, I finally saw a few “cathedral” buildings in London that have been converted to other purposes. Whoa! “So it is true!!!” As I kept moving around the country, I heard more stories about churches being converted to homes, offices, pubs etc. I heard of …

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The Home

THE HOME ‘Lanre Fatokun   Cohesion is defined as the sticking together of the particles of the same substance while adhesion refers to the act or state of being united with a surface or an object.   Hence, the bond holding the “pieces”, or components (persons), of a home together …

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The Burden of Self-righteousness

God, imagine!

The Burden of self-righteousness (I am better than He)   It is said that everyone in Africa needs God at one time or another. Either to uphold a poorly maintained aircraft or to hold the car tyres together while  a poorly trained driver is speeding over series of pot-holes on …

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