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A Dream For The Year

I sat with a friend last year talking about dreams and aspirations. The only issue was that he did not know they were dreams. He thought they were plans!I told him how I desire to own a home in the city where I live. Then a few sentences later, I …

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It’s a new year again. At the beginning of each year, many of us set out to achieve some goals: several goals. From another point, having seen many years and set many goals, some of us have set goals repeatedly and repeatedly, have seen them not come to pass. A …

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Architects of History

Once someone referred to a much older man. He said, “He’s so old that in his school days, history was called current affairs!” Well. We often think that history was made by great men! I think that no one is born great but in time, each proves his/her worth. Architects …

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Assessment A beautiful year is on! Many plans are in place. The best thing about plans is that they often come to pass! There seems to be less drive for planning and new-year-orientation in 2014 than I observed in 2013. I only hope folks are not tired of planning. Some …

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Latent is a word borrowed into English from Latin, by Physicists. In the course of study of heat, they observed that at a point between two states of matter (e,g, between solid and liquid, such as from ice to water), the matter absorbs heat without a rise in temperature. So …

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Cutting Edge

In Steven Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he highlights the habit he called “Sharpen the saw.” It’s amazing how the same thing appears over and over again in several places. George Clason states this as “Increase thy capacity to earn” in his book The Richest Man in …

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