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This month of November, I led a meeting in which there was a Nigerian man who clocked 60 on one of the days of the meeting. To commemorate his birthday, he published a small book which he gave to everyone around for free. “Being African,” I dived into the book …

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One thing most of us find difficult to do is to wait. We jump queues, we push others aside, we throw tantrums, etc, all because we do not like to wait. Interestingly, we are quick to accuse others of unwillingness to wait. Once I got a ride from a senior …

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Caterpillar, Stop!!

Change! Change!! Change!!! There was a little caterpillar crawling on the leaves in spring. Ted saw it and just enjoyed looking at it and attempting to count its many legs. Who wouldn’t!? Afterall, if two legs are bad and four legs are good, the more the better! The caterpillar was …

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