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Retirement Planning

Retirement refers to a season of life where we begin to step back from regular Work-life activities. And retirement planning refers to the planning that precedes this phase of life.Retirement Planning begins by looking at the time and times of life. It involves a mindset shift because many people still …

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In The Long Run

I recently published a book: In The Long Run. It is about a phase of life that almost everyone is going to arrive at: Retirement. Let us look at it as the top of a high mountain which we aspire to climb. At the base of the mountain, everything is …

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It’s a new year again. At the beginning of each year, many of us set out to achieve some goals: several goals. From another point, having seen many years and set many goals, some of us have set goals repeatedly and repeatedly, have seen them not come to pass. A …

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Eleven of twelve

By September 2014, I had become shy to review my 2014 annual plan–too many unfulfilled plans. Last week I was discussing with a friend and we saw January 2015 disappear too quickly. We both imagined that another year is going and several plans are slowly slipping to the junk yard …

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This is the season when we begin to dust our planners and journals; the time when “Mr Procrastination” suddenly becomes responsible for all uncompleted self-help projects. This is the time when gyms and health clubs advertise and prepare for profit (Note that profit is here define as people who register …

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A Tale of 2 drivers

A Tale of 2 drivers In 2008, I went to Abuja. While commuting within the city to get a few things done and then meet up with Gbenga, my permanent host in the FCT, I flagged down a cab, and the driver was in a suit! We got talking about …

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