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Retirement Planning

Retirement refers to a season of life where we begin to step back from regular Work-life activities. And retirement planning refers to the planning that precedes this phase of life.Retirement Planning begins by looking at the time and times of life. It involves a mindset shift because many people still …

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In The Long Run

I recently published a book: In The Long Run. It is about a phase of life that almost everyone is going to arrive at: Retirement. Let us look at it as the top of a high mountain which we aspire to climb. At the base of the mountain, everything is …

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Force of Finance (6)

The Richest Man in Babylon is a foundational book that fits into most climes. It’s quite an old book (first published formally in 1926), but it is very adaptable. The world has evolved since then and some of the admonitions under the sixth cure for a lean purse have other …

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