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Force of Finance (6)

The Richest Man in Babylon is a foundational book that fits into most climes. It’s quite an old book (first published formally in 1926), but it is very adaptable. The world has evolved since then and some of the admonitions under the sixth cure for a lean purse have other …

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Force of Finance (3)

Do you have some cash sitting idle?Why are survival skills not taught in school? One rich man taught that he had two careers; one for himself and one for his money. What is the career of your money? I guess the bigger your sum, the higher it could get paid. …

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Force of Finance (2)

One of my earliest lessons in Economics is the reason for Economics: limited resources! If everything existed in abundance, there would be no need to study Economics or learn how to allocated resources. When you pluck a flower in the morning, by evening it withers if you don’t put its …

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