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Emergency Funds

We are advised to keep some money for emergencies. The recommendation is that we should have 3-6 months’ living expenses kept away. Of course, that’s after we are able to take care of today’s needs.What emergencies? Medical emergencies, job losses, national economic downturns, etc. Emergency funds are different from savings …

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Quick Wins

Winning is fun for everyone. When you win, you want to go further whether in class, at home, on the job or even at doing the wrong things. In our financial journeys, we need to set easy wins along the path. They will encourage us to keep going. If you …

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8 or 9 Fingers

A friend told me he perceives Covid-19 will have three seasons. And I responded, “Health crisis, Economic Crisis, and Energy Crisis.” It sounds profound, but that was what my brain could see. Everyone can see the health crisis. Thousands of people die daily as during a major war. In many …

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