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Time Value of Money

I know a friend who will always like to get all incomes upfront.He’s not greedy, he’s not distrusting. He states clearly that what the money can do in January, it may not be able to do in December. And there’s no better time to understand this than in the year …

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The Cycle of Life

A great man completed his time on earth recently in Ibadan, Nigeria. Painfully, I did not make it to the funeral. Seeing lots of pictures, it feels like a dream. I wonder if many people can feel the void he left behind. Yes, feel! He stood as a strong pillar …

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I got tired of seeing the same contact appearing multiple times on my phone due to multiple email/social media synchronization. So a few days ago, I began to merge, to delete and generally tidy up. I was amazed at the number of my contacts that have crossed to the great beyond! Just then, something seemed to whisper to me, “The number will only increase…with time!”

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Caterpillar, Stop!!

Change! Change!! Change!!! There was a little caterpillar crawling on the leaves in spring. Ted saw it and just enjoyed looking at it and attempting to count its many legs. Who wouldn’t!? Afterall, if two legs are bad and four legs are good, the more the better! The caterpillar was …

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