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I didn’t intend to write about the scene at church 2 Saturdays ago. The guest preacher said he perceived there was someone on his right hand side of the auditorium with kidney issues. The first man to emerge appeared drunk (from my judgement). He dint seem to know we were there for serious business. A nurse came forward to describe the symptoms of kidney issues. Then a lady said she had those symptoms sometimes. The preacher prayed for them two, apparently unconvinced. They went back to their seats.
Then a man came out.
You want me to pray for you?
“I’m the one!”
“I’m the one!”
Which one?
“The one with kidney issues! I am on dialysis while awaiting a kidney donor.” And he burst into tears.
Most eyes got cloudy, including mine. We all prayed for him. I am still expecting the medical confirmation of his healing.
What I really desire to review is a statement I heard just yesterday. Someone was reviewing the experience of the prophets of Baal on Elijah’s mountain. Elijah really taunted them about Baal’s null response.
“Maybe he is on a trip!”
Living Bible says, “Maybe he is the toilet.”
The preacher said, “Maybe he has run out of battery in his hearing aid!”
Then it struck me that the same way our mobile phones often run out of battery and we become unreachable, some people run out of battery in the hearing aids, and though they are right there, they just cant hear anything!
That’s one perfect feature we don’t get to thank God for!
If we “stop and think”, we would be thankful!

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  1. May The Lord help us to appreciate His bountiful blessings so that we may give Him thanks as He deserves. ‘Count your blessings, name them one by one…’ So goes the popular lyric.

  2. Thanks Lanre! Sometimes when I feel weary , I close my eyes and I imgine people that cannot see! Most of my worry then looks sooo insignificant..if only we can see so much blessings the Lord has surrounded us with! Lord again I say “shade is thankful”.

  3. Yes oh!!! He is truly Jehovah Shammah…ALWAYS PRESENT!

  4. If only we could make out time to think of His countless blessings and goodness to us, we would indeed be very thankful.

  5. I am soo thankful for soo many things; and yes i would list a couple to my utter amazement… His favour, His protection that only my phone got stolen on Friday and nothing else, that my aunt kidnapped on Friday.. yea same day was released yesterday… whew! For the prayer support group and friends i have, for my job where work has not fully begun but i have been receiving salary on time, for annoying colleagues who have taught me to love all through clenched teeth some days… for a family in my choir members… for my flatmate who puts up with my moments or days of silence over what we both don’t know… I’ve got soo much to thank God for…. so many wonderful blessings.. but i”d just stop here.

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