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The museum of procrastination: a review

I happened on a little advert of HSBC bank. Not been able to see it again since then. It was titled The museum of procrastination. I considered it a wicked job since everyone (I mean you, him, her, and me) is guilty of some procrastination. First, procrastination was beautifully and simply described as “needless delaying where action is required (Book: Richest Man in Babylon).
So in the advert, the museum of procrastination was described as the “store of good intentions that were never fully realized.” It opened with a Gym Membership Section displaying gym memberships that were never used, and particularly, those that were used only once. Hmm. Reminded me of the gym that was full in January and the regular customers were angry. One told the Gym Manager to increase their capacity. He responded that he should come back in February when most people would have stopped coming!
The next section in the Museum was the Section of Unfinished Novels. The curator said here, “What a waste of talent.” The guy requested for a minute silence for these unfinished novels and wasted talents. If you have not found your “piece” in this two, just hang on a bit longer.
The next section displayed musical instruments that have only played Frere Jacques. Yeah, that recorder some of us got in primary school could be on display!
Then on to inventions that were never made!
I bet in one of these four rooms, if not all, we all have a little keepsake. that we never intended.
Wonder if it is possible to say, “Nothing of mine will ever find it’s way into the museum of procrastination…never again!” 

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  1. I am so guilty!!! Calling you right away…been procrastinating…

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