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The Second Best Team

I heard about the diligent boy who wanted to play football in Secondary school. He was present at every training, never came late; but did not make the school team. He kept coming in hope that one day, he would be selected. That day never came.
However, one day the coach decided to form a second team because there were good guys who did not get a chance to play. Here, he got a chance. The second team was also so good that the school registered both teams in the state-wide tournament. Of course the first team consisted of the best guys and they won practically all the games they played except one.
The second team played very well throughout the tournament, though it was strange to find a school represented by two teams. Summarily, both teams made it to the finals and guess who won? The second team! They beat the first team!
What irony! But then, who determines our position in any race? We do! The worst that could happen is that we would not be allowed to play; if we are labelled “second best,” we have already been given a chance!
It’s up to you and me to prove our worth!

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  1. Say it loud!!!!! We do decide ni.Thank you Mr Lanre

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