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The waters

The Waters.
Growing up, there was a tall, bent, old Norwegian preacher I used to watch on TV: Aril Edvardsen. Once he stood by the River Jordan and shared about the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The river Jordan flows into the Sea of Galilee, and then continues downstream ending up in the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea flows nowhere, supplies no one, and so??
If one absorbs, and receives, and does not give out, one could expect an explosion! But nature doesn’t just watch, nature compensates. Hence the Dead Sea loses water by evaporation to make room for more water from the Jordan. However, evaporation does not take salts with it. The salinity of the Dead Sea is one of the highest in the world (33.7% salt)! If you take a bucket of water from the Dead Sea, a third of it would be salt. It is so dense that a friend who cannot swim was able to lie down on the water! The implication of the salt is that nothing lives in the Dead Sea–nothing can survive the salt concentration. I suppose that is due to the working of Osmosis!
Aril Edvardsen pointed out that if any human lives like the Dead Sea, receiving but not discharging, such a one would end up like the Dead Sea: smelly, once called The Stinky Sea; bitter; with asphalt floating on its surface, once called the Asphaltic Sea.
Interestingly, Jesus likened Spirit-filled believers to a flowing River: Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them (John 7:38). In the Old Testament, there was a scene exactly like Jesus painted. Out of the temple, Ezekiel saw waters flowing. He followed the course of the waters for some good distance, and the water kept growing until it got to the sea (Chapter 47). There, it made the sea water fresh (or healthy). As he walked back along the water body, he observed: “so where the river flows everything will live;” where at first there was dryness and deadness, Ezekiel observed life, vegetation, and a vibrant economy just because the River flowed through! And the New Testament says that our bodies are the Temples of the Living God.
One other thing about sea in bible parlance: it represents the Gentile nations of the world, the masses, people everywhere, every kind of people! Hence a Christian, who is Spirit-filled, is expected to be a force of positive change / transformation wherever s/he goes! Or else, such a one is not a Christian in principle, may be an impostor!
So, do we have the Spirit?
Do we give life everywhere we go?

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  1. Hmmm….deep words…

  2. May we active rivers of flowing fresh water, which Jesus promised those who trust and believe in Him; then and only then can we be true followers of His, Christians.

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