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There is time!

Prompted by a Sunday message at church in January, I went to look for a movie I should have seen years back “Goodbye Bafana.” It’s about the prison story of Nelson Mandela through the eyes of one of the prison wardens. It made so much touching  sense again.
As the movie was playing, I was developing the little details by reading up on the internet! Yesterday, I saw the living legend on tv. Frail old man. It feels like God is making up for the 27 years he lost on Roben Island by keeping him alive for so long! After Mandela served one term as president, Thabo Mbeki served two terms, and Jacob Zuma is probably on his second term too. Yet Mandela is alive still!
Someone would probably have told him “you are getting old. You need to renounce your dreams of majority rule in South Africa so that you could at least end your years in peace!” Thankfully, he did not give up.
It is one thing to have a vision.
It is another thing to pursue it.
It is a bigger matter to keep at the vision.
Bigger yet is to have to keep at the dream while time seems to be running out!
We should bear in mind always that God never runs out of time. In the life of Mandela, God had time. Enough time! Nelson was shown on TV yesterday, Winnie was shown on TV two days ago. In the life of bible Job, God had time: enough time to see his children, grand children, and great grand children.
If we have an archive for dreams and visions that seem to have been aborted, we need to pick them up again.
We need to revive and re-energise the dreams.
In whose life does God not have time?
It is better to live for a purpose albeit with a late start.

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  1. Thanx thanx and thank u 4 ds great nugget…ur rivers of depth will not run dry..i’m encouraged..pls be encouraged too

  2. Thanks for such a word as this

  3. The Lord Is your Strength………!

  4. Hmmm! Even dreams and visions of some men of old stil live on after their death. So, even death is not powerful enough to kill the dream and vision of a visioneer. Even in death, vision can still speak and be realised! You ask me how?……..

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