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We used to have debates when we were in secondary school. A wonderful debater senior is today a medical doctor. One day when he was beautifully articulating his points during a debate before the student population of over 2,000 students, the bell went off on him. He stopped and sighed. Then he said, “Time! Time can time me but I cannot time time. With all I have said…” His presentation was clear, his closing, novel, the applause, deafening! Time is most critical!
I got tired of seeing the same contact appearing multiple times on my phone due to multiple email/social media synchronization. So a few days ago, I began to merge, to delete and generally tidy up. I was amazed at the number of my contacts that have crossed to the great beyond! Just then, something seemed to whisper to me, “The number will only increase…with time!”
How true!
The last few months have been traumatic for news watchers: from Chibok, to Ebola, to ISIS, to poverty, to lack of potable water, etc. The big issue is not a problem to report, but which of the many problems should be put in the spotlight! The earth (physical system) is convulsing; the social system (world) is contorting.
Some say that Jesus is coming soon, others say that the world is about to end. Still some believe that these events are normal, just that information technology has only made us more and quicker aware of so many unpleasant events. Not sure which to follow?
In secondary school again, a year after that memorable debate, there was the news that the world would end on the 28th of October. One of my friends invited me to join a study from the 21st of October: a study of the behaviour of fellow students as the D-day approached. We would sit out and watch how fellow students behaved in class, in the hostels, on the assembly ground, in the dining hall, etc. We also noticed a few new and even brighter stars in the sky (today we know they are satellites). On the D-day, it was a Wednesday. Usually, the senior boys were unruly and never prayed during assembly, but that day everybody behaved; they bowed their heads during prayers. Kay and I were busy observing instead of praying! This says what? While we are not sure if Jesus is coming this night or the world is ending tomorrow morning or another big bang is about to happen or something, everyone is concerned about what happens after tomorrow!
It’s only the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand to hide from its fears, forgetting that the bulk of its body is not under the sand.  Wouldn’t it be wise to ask for the way??

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