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Today postponed

I saw a movie recently, Up North. It’s about a sort of a prodigal son who was forced to go for National Service in Bauchi Savannah. There he found himself and ultimately decided to settle.

I was really impressed with his impact on the girls of the school in which he taught Physical Education. He put the school in the news by contesting the decisions of parents to withdraw their girls from running and by leading his school to win the race in the State. He also made the beauty of Bauchi popular on Instagram. It ended with his finding love. He lived in today and made meaning of his life. And he made me wonder if I’m living in today and making meaning of my life.

I remembered National Service days of great impact on secondary schools; the years before and after National Service when I was truly confused about life. I remembered the more stable years of adult life and the things that gave fulfilment.

At the moment, life seems so busy. But we have to bring essence out of busyness. It is necessary to live in today, make the most of today and make meaning out of every day.

… Today not postponed…

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